The Origin

How we came to be

Fall Media is a new baby, our origin is somewhat interesting. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Growing your own corporation from the roots, building your own team and fighting your way towards the top seemed a lot more inspiring than clocking in to make someone else the big bucks. Nowadays, anyone can do it in any kind of industry through the magic of the internet. Dream of being a baker? Build an e-store and sell cookies online. Killing it in the shower every morning? Post songs on Youtube, become the next Justin Bieber. Really like sitting in your pyjamas and playing video games? Put it in the time and join the esports scene, millions of dollars up for grabs. Limitless possibilities.

Why digital marketing?

I tend to get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. I like learning about a variety of subjects and having a wide range of expertise as opposed to being a one-trick pony. Selling cookies online for the next 20 years wouldn’t do the job.

I’m a big fan of online creators and influencers. Making a living out of sharing their creativity with the world, seemed like the dream. Starting my own brand seemed like a good idea but I lacked a particular niche to build off of. Far from being a bodybuilder, a comedic genius or a meditation guru. What if I could work with already successful people and build up my name and brand in the process?

That’s where the marketing idea came in. I always loved psychology and how marketers use crafty techniques to get customers to buy something they had no idea they needed. I follow a lot of creators with excellent content but a lot of them don’t seem to be able to spread it effectively. Nothing breaks my heart more than a talented individual or innovative company having to close down shop due to lack of exposure. Having the skill to bring attention to things I was a fan of through effective marketing seemed like the perfect blend of creativity, networking and niche learning.

Marketing doesn’t seem like a fun and creative occupation for a lot of people but to me it’s magic. The magic of being able to work with people I like and help them succeed behind the scenes. Every great product needs great marketing to thrive. A fantastic product or service will collect dust if it’s not brought to the attention of the people that would love to use it. If I can allow creative entrepreneurs and creators to come up with cool shit while letting rest easy in knowing that it will reach their audience, it’s the best of both worlds to me.

Web design to me seemed like the natural extension to it. So many times I’ve wanted to support someone in buying their product while being discouraged by a clunky buying process, poorly structured online store or just weirdly scammy looking sales page. A good website should showcase your services or products in an elegant way while effectively delivering information and leading the customer to follow you or buy your stuff without pressuring them to do so. So rarely is that the case.

The goal is also to capture the spirit of a company and share it with it with their customer. This creates an identity for the business instead of being a faceless corporation. A lot of business owners are truly passionate about their brand and would love their customers to be invested in their vision instead of just giving them money and walking away. Good design infuses personality into a website and turns it into an online representation of ideals. A business owner should be able to recognize himself on his page, feeling at home everytime he’s on it. Business doesn’t have to be a dry money machine, it can and should be a way to share your values, talents, and personality with the world.




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