5 Step Social Media Strategy

5 Step Social Media Strategy


Alright, so you need to make a social media strategy for your company. Not as easy a task as you thought, eh? Tons of people struggle to figure out exactly what to do, as well as don’t know how to focus on what will truly bring a return on investment to the company.

Basically, every single action, every single word spoken, every single image posted should be part of a greater, overarching social media marketing strategy. Consequently, every time a customer, prospect or fan replies, likes, and comments on your content it should all be guided by the underlying business plan that is set in place.


It may seem like a lot of work and on top of that confusing and complicated but if you take the proper amount of time to craft a comprehensive online strategy, it will prove more fruitful in time and flow more naturally than randomly posting once a month, putting up 30 000 hashtags and pray that someone, somewhere, somehow will find you.


A social media strategy is essentially a full run-down summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve for your business using online platform. Before writing down your plan you should create an audit for where your online presence currently stands, where you want to be in the near future, and all the tools you want to use to get there.


The more specific, the better it is and keep it realistic.


Step 1: Goals


What’s the reason why you’re marketing online? The very first thing is to write down what your goals are. Are you trying to get more sales? More traffic to your website? Brand awareness so more people find out about you? Are you trying to build brand loyalty? Pick one or two and write it out.  


Step 2: Make a clear objective


Now it’s time to set clear objectives.


Are you looking to increase sales? Maybe you’re a local clothing store who just updated their old site to a brand new, fancy e-commerce site, that almost everything is automated and taken cared of.


Then, you’d probably want to set yourself the goal of 100 additional leads every month for your campaign to be proved a success. If your goal is brand awareness, then your goal can be just to increase the number of times people mention your brand by 50% every month. These objectives should obviously be tied to your overall business goals and realistic(to avoid unnecessary sadness and getting your dreams crushed every month).


Step 3: Create an Avatar based on Your Ideal Customer


Alright, now that you have a better plan we’re going to talk about creating your own Avatar. This avatar will represent your perfect client – the ideal person that you’d like to interact with every time you sell.

To create your Avatar, you have to go and do your research into whom represent your target demographic. You have to go, figure out and create the exact persona that would buy from you – figure out what they like, what they think, what their problems are, what their likes are, what their age is, what their beliefs are, maybe they’re in an uncomfortable situation in life and maybe that’s why they need to buy from you, etc.


When you finally figured all the details out, write down every single detail on this persona and start marketing like if you were trying to reach your avatar. From now on you’re going to use this template to imagine the exact person that you want to be selling to.


Step 4: Gather Inspiration, Take a Look at Competitors


The best way to have a sense of what you should be doing is to take a look at what your competitors are doing for their online presence since you know, you’re going after the same people. Plus, you have the opportunity to learn from all their past blunders and successes.


To start out, you should research your top 3-4 competitors. Find out which platforms they use and study their content. Are their posts funny? Do they reference current events? Do they make direct mention of their product/service or do they rather focus on talking about other things?


Step 5: Create a content marketing plan


Finally, you’ll have to create a strong content marketing plan that will get your target audience’s attention. You should first figure out what social media platforms work best for your industry or that you believe have potential to be effective. Your content needs to equally make sense and align with your brand. This means don’t post random cat videos that aren’t related to your brand at all.


Now keep in mind when you’re making your content strategy, your posts are more than just ads. Think about how to deliver true value to your audience. Another key thing is avoiding sticking to only one form of media, try to have a mix of videos, guides, images, and other forms of media to keep your audience engaged throughout all mediums of communication.


I’ll leave you off with one more bit of advice – don’t think of producing content as something one-and-done. You need to continually post on social media in order to have an ongoing online presence and there’s only one way to do that – delivering great content people pay attention and delivering that content on a regular basis.


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